Trevor Stephan update

Continues to shine for Staten Island Yankees. So far: era 1.48, IP 30.2, Runs 5, Hits 19, K 40, BB 5

Dude throws strikes.

Dude throws strikes.
[/quote]Dude throws nasty strikes!

He has elite “stuff”. Hoping he maintains his health - always a big concern for young pitching arms. If he does, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an appearance in the Big Leagues at some point next year.

Why does it have to be the Yankees? Any team but them!

Was hoping I’d see him in Charleston this year.
He may skip us all together

I’d be a lot happier if Bennie played for The New York Yankees. #7

This Staten Island pitching staff has an ERA of 2.51 for the season; just absolutely amazing.

Trevor’s ERA is 1.48 with a WHIP of 0.82. :o

Here’s a fantastic video update on Trevor.

wow is developing a change up! have never understood why that is not mandatory for every pitcher to work hard on developing such a tough pitch!

I just now watched this. I chuckled when the voiceover says “while the atmosphere may have changed” as an intermodal container floats by in the background. Definitely an atmosphere change from Arkansas.

I don’t like the Yankees but when he gets called up I will be cheering him on.
That’s is a nasty change up to mix in with his already nasty stuff.