Trevor Stephan to the Yankees...

3rd Round … #92 overall pick.

Great news, really great news. The Yankees are building a power house that’s never seen the likes of. Awesome organization.

Daniel Tillio to KC with pick 90

I’m not sure of what Stephan turned down last year, but I would guess he more than tripled his signing bonus by coming to Arkansas for a year.

Coaches are hopeful that Tillo is going to turn down the third-round offer, but that’s a lot of money.

Stephan will go down to Tampa tomorrow night to sign his contract. His slot value calls for $588,700, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it be above $600,000.

Canaan Smith, an outfielder from Rockwall, Texas, went to the Yankees in the fourth round. That was about 250 picks higher than he was projected.


I would bet Stephan gets slot, or a bit above; that tillo comes to arkansas

Tillo is going to sign - he had already stated that he would sign if he was drafted in that third round slot.

If a player is drafted in the first three rounds, it’s a pretty good indication that the franchise believes it can sign him.