Trevor Roberson

Committed to Texas Tech. Any idea what happened RD? Seemed like a good chance he was going to be a hog

After talking to someone that knows that area, the person said that’s Texas Tech territory and he also has a relative or close friend on the team.

If we miss out on Triston Miller, I don’t see how anyone can feel confident about Dustin Fry’s recruiting abilities.

Long time until signing day. I feel good about Coach Fry. Not the time to be negative

Everyone needs to stay calm in durning the recruiting process and don’t blow a gasket! You won’t ever sign every player you want! The coaches are working hard and it takes time.

Yes it’s still early in the process. Just the sheer volume of highly rated recruits that have visited and/or camped here in CCM’s first year is impressive.
I know, I know gettin them here is one thing & signing them another, but the more you bring in sure increases the odds of signing more of them in our favor.
He has already got a few good ones.

Far too early.

Beaux Limmer and Joseph Stone aren’t shabby. OU and A&M and others trying to get Limmer to change his mind.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. :stuck_out_tongue: … 119030615/

but it sound like fini regarding any chance on Thomas

Thomas will be at Ole Miss most likely as they lose Little and they need to get(buy) a tackle this year. He could also end up at memphis. It will be interesting where his dad ends up.

Loos like the Vest kid from Searcy is destined to get an offer and come here. 6-5 3/4 in socks, if he hasn’t grown in the last year and 290 lbs. Get him up there and in a couple of years I think every one will be happy.

After watching Vest at camp this week, I’m all in because of his improvement and size.

My guess is he gets an offer after he gets a couple of games on tape his senior season.