Trevor Roberson (2:51 update)

Expecting him to announce this afternoon. Will be surprised if it’s not Arkansas.

2:51 update:

He’s sticking with Tech. This has been a whirlwind.

Feeling good since you are feeling good RD…bring it home!

Would he be able to play as a walk on in basketball in January?
We could certainly use someone with his height and weight to spell Daniel for a few minutes each half.
I’ve seen his basketball video and he could fill a need for this years team if he is available to play, get some minutes, be physical, grab some rebounds and perhaps score a few points off of rebounds.
As far as Football goes, I like his film from the beginning. For a guy his size he shows tremendous athletic ability and agility. He would be a much welcomed addition to the Line of scrimmage for our Hogs.

Go Hogs!

I hope not. I am not a fan of players in college playing multiple sports.

Odds of playing both at a high level is extremely rare unless you are athlete like Bo Jackson.

We need football players working 24hrs day who can execute more than 30% of the playbook at high level.

If MA wants 6 11 350 walk on, go recruit him.


I’m not saying I would think this kid would be playing both sports for four seasons, first of all he will probably be redshirted as a freshman football player, but could fill a major void for our otherwise pretty darn good basketball team this season. I’m just saying if he’s up there and available this winter why not take advantage of the situation. He will be fully available for spring football in April.

Go Hogs!

You said you saw his video, can he run?

video is private right now,I saw them a long time ago and he moves pretty well,his challenge will be can he bend well enough to get leverage in the run game.

The whole still being in high school this spring probably eliminates the whole hoops thing.

what time does he make announcement?

I was just thinking if he was a January enrollment, MA might be able to take advantage of him being on campus. If not, then it’s a mute point and if he doesn’t come until spring then he will most likely be a redshirt freshmen.
Yes, when we first heard of him we were able to see video and he looks quite athletic and mobile for his size.
The video also showed him playing high school basketball and that’s why I eluded to what I did about possibly filling a need with his height and weight down low in the paint, but I guess it won’t be an option.

Go Hogs!

Bump for update.

wow He probably know the juco guys would be ahead of him…

I’m glad.

No way someone that big works out. Sorry

There is apparently a family issue here. It’s speculated that’ the kid doesn’t want to get too far from home. Can’t blame the kid if there is something more important than football going on.

He may end up being great, but he seemed to be a project to adjust to blocking SEC defensive linemen. IMO

No. They wanted Trevor. I think it’s a case of wanting to stay closer to home.

i can understand that,good luck to him.

Well shoot!!!