Trevor Lawrence’s GF shares Chad Morris Quote

“Football isn’t who you are, it’s what you get to do.”

Okay, Morris and Trevor’s lady friend both probably got this quote (directly or indirectly) from Dabo.

Not putting her down but I don’t like the quote. Maybe I would like it more if Chad was still here and winning at an acceptable clip. I’m sure I would.

Maybe you’d like it better if she just said “Left Lane, Hammer Down” … sorry

Chad got every hollow, meaningless-as-used saying from Dabo. Chad couldn’t even “do” football. What a joke.

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Trevor will probably say the same thing on the podium when he gets drafted.

Not even the same quote.

Yeah, I took her quote a different way :slight_smile:

Did CCM not say something similar in one of his early, if not introductory, press conferences? Thought I remembered something along those lines. Feel free to correct me.

Edit: See 4:10 mark of the his intro press conference below. Just FYI.

“Football is just what we do. It’s not who we are.”

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