Trevon Brazile = Roger Crawford

Go hogs!

The only thing I can say is I hope the results are the same.

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Yes, but I hope, for his sake, he doesn’t get injured early in the tournament and not get to play in the games leading up to our National championship!

I remember him setting in the goal at the national championship game…


Nolan was on Little Rock’s Buzz 103.7, doing his weekly segment. He brought up Roger Crawford and how the team banded together and won the championship.

By the way, Nolan is not an internet user. He did not know Brazile was declared out for the year. I remember the good old days when we received such news thru local evening news.


Yeah, I caught that last night. I always listen to Coach on Wednesdays.

Jeremy, is there some place that has that online where it can be streamed after the fact?

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I really don’t know. Maybe Matt could help. It’s on 92.1 every Wednesday from 6-7:00 PM in NWA.

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Radio??? What is a radio???

Click on DriveTime Sports on link below


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