Treveon Johnson no longer committed to OU


Do we know if he has visited anyone else?

He plans to visit Tennessee and then make a decision. Vols or Hogs for Treveon.

He has not, but does have an official visit scheduled to Tennessee on Feb. 2 according to reports

This will be a bit of a test for Morris and crew in terms of showing their vaunted Texas HS connections will pay off.

Tennessee is further from home
Had a worse record last year than Arkansas - not a better program right now
Stepp already had a relationship with him from SMU days.

Need to beat Tennessee for a Texas player.

Arkansas or JUCO.

How good is the new staff at Tenn recruiting?

Probably have a top 10 class, lol.

damn good recruiters at TN and will also probably get Stanford QB transfer who has great passing ability as selling point to who can deliver the ball. How our program is better is something that should be revealed… I hate the sumbeeches, but they have put together a staff and have functionally gotten every kid they want out of a good TN class. Pruitt is not in GA, but he can succeed by recruiting and coaching em up. They will compete for the East in 2 years or 3 tops.