Trest becomes a legend


Awesome. That one is authentic and not like the picture my good friend Beth Hall took of Matt Jones in Austin that was photo shopped to look like he was doing that as he went out of bounds. Her photo was printed in the Dem. Gazette while she was a photographer for them then took a life of its own!

Here is a different angle of Trest’s Hook ‘Em.

And, Battles. Post-game.

This Texass team seem to lay down quickly to our pitching and had the look of losers all weekend. They probably stuck around after our game expecting to get a small trophy for being Longhorns.


Texass scored a total of four runs in three games, batted .167 and had 46 Ks. They have serious issues at the plate, not just with our pitching. It’s not like we were tearing it up at the plate either; we hit. 237 with 36 Ks.

AR was facing some pretty good arms as well. I thought TCU staff was strong and it showed in all games. Both TCU and Tech can play and will win a lot of games. Noticed I left one sum team out, but they can probably pitch as well (sort of hard to really grip the ball without the two middle fingers)

Aloha Marty,

Awesome! Thank-you for bringing it to the Board. Trest definitely has an attitude I appreciate!!!


That’s one way to throw a splitter (which no one uses any more apparently).

Oh yeah. Won’t be surprised if they finish 1-2 in the Little 9 (Iowa State doesn’t have baseball). And I wouldn’t be surprised for either or both to wind up in a super or even in Omaha.

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