Trent gordon

Whatever happened to the Penn State transfer? Did he play in any games? Is he in the pecking order for 2022?

Great question - especially considering the recent departures on the back end!

Wasn’t he injured?

Correct - he was. Not sure if he even played and if not, will have 1 more year?

Gordon played in 8 games, recorded two tackles. My guess is he was on special teams duty. He has one season left…


Gordon played 5 defensive snaps in Week 1, and 3 in Week 8. The remainder of his playing time was on special teams. Here is a breakdown of his snaps:

Sam Pittman said a couple of times during the regular season that Gordon’s ankle had been giving him trouble.

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Pittman said this Oct. 11:

“Gordon’s been hurt, but he’d be playing a lot of ball for us now if he wasn’t.”

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Thanks Scottie!

Well he’ll definitely get a chance this year provided he can get himself healthy

Did he play against Penn State?

According to the participation report at the PSU website, he did. UA website does not include a participation chart for the bowl.

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