We run the bootleg pass at least 4 or 5 times a game. Maybe more. Chevis kept his ends at home. We completed a couple but there was a guy in Allens face each time. When we run the sweep, we put 3 guys in sorta a triangle position then bring a man in motion to crack back on an end or linebacker. Aggies had this well defended all night. Also, we run sometimes a pitch to walker, sort of an option pitch hoping other team swarms to fullback fake handoff. We didn’t run that play because when we tried to set it up, chevis had an end all over that play. It was if they knew our running playbook. Hand it to chevis, he had us pegged before we took field. Read a post that we’ll beat Bama, well saban just as good or better than Chevis. And defensive backfield is better than Aggies. I don’t think their offens is as good, but they have better defense. We need to change our tendencies. When I can call our running plays sitting at home, I know the opposing defenses have figured it out. When there are so many blockers stacked up near the line, well hard to run against 10 in the box. Last tendency, we just cannot account for a running qb period. How to fix that, who knows. But I’m tired of watching it for sure.