A lot of the top high school football players in the state seem to be trending elsewhere like Stanford and OU… all we need is for our best players to believe in Arkansas as much as we do, I agree with coach “Why Not Us” Arkansas could be a championship program and we need all hands on deck to achieve it… Hopefully the tide will turn and we will be the new Alabama in winning football. Anything is possible if we believe!

I don’t think a majority of the fan base believes, which makes it more of an uphill battle for the kids to believe.

It’s tough to compete against a Stanford education.

But I would hope we could beat out OU for a kid from Arkansas.

Hopefully we don’t have to worry about it.

When anyone with a remotely positive attitude is constantly ridiculed as a sunshine pumper, optimism is very hard to sustain.

Believes what?? Hired the right coach? Will have a better season than last year? That we can ever compete? I guess I’m needing to know what you’re basing this opinion on.

Thanks to the incompetence of the last two coaches these kids were in elementary school the last time Arkansas was relevant in the SEC much less nationally. Can you blame them for not believing in the program? We have been mediocre at best and God awful at worst.

What a sales job Morris and staff have in front of them. I appreciate their enthusiasm picking up the pieces from the train wreck. I think they will have success in time, but the journey from the abyss to the mountaintop will be difficult, frustrating, and at times disappointing.

Buckle up!

I do “believe” steps have been taken forward to remedy this. We tried steps back, that didn’t work.

I think most people believe that Arkansas has hired a coach that has the potential to be more successful than the last one.

But they are practicing cautious optimism in hoping that is what will happen.

They are worried about the talent level, quarterback play, defense, special teams, etc.

My point is that the fans aren’t sure and the recruits sense that as well as having their own concerns.

It’s something that the Arkansas coaches have to overcome.

As far as Stacey Wilkins, OU is no doubt pushing their recent success vs. that of Arkansas, the school he grew up playing for and likely still will be (still may) if some powerhouses hadn’t jumped in.

It’s not like it used to be back in the day when kids

Wow Dudley I would beg to differ if begging would help lol idk but I do think or hope at least most of our fans believe we can achieve it in football as well

True statement about the Stanford education

Stanford has it’s failures in life, too, lol. But on average, it probably helps some in the real world…

I believe! But I know the coaching staff has a up hill battle to get out of the cellar.
There may be some local players leave the state. If they don’t believe in the hogs they need to hit the road! The tide will turn and if Coach Morris gets the speed he is looking for in the next few recruiting classes it will get better.
The trolls will continue to slam after every loss.
The major thing I want to see this year is an aggressive defense! At least let teams know you will bring pressure and you won’t be able to eat your lunch in the pocket.

It doesn’t help to keep talking about previous coaches and keep reminding ourselves of where we are at in the SEC. Everybody knows the reality. Let’s get behind the current staff and support them as long as they deserve it. At this point, there is no reason to think they cannot get the job done. But if and when they don’t, there will be plenty of reasons to get on them, too.

I’m all in! Zero cautious optimism. I think we will carry a number before our name consistently sooner than later. Program is headed in the right direction.

I am like the breakfast meal. The chicken who laid the eggs was a participant. The hogs was all in. I am all in with the new coaching staff. They will get it done.


I don’t think a majority of the fan base believes, which makes it more of an uphill battle for the kids to believe.

[/quote] winning will change all that. Till that happens fans are justified in being skeptical

I’m optomistic for the first time in several years. In my opinion, CM is in a different league than we’ve had here in a while. Time will tell.


Absolutely justified. So if some of these in-state kids share thar, they should not be bashed if they choose to do so.

Actually should never be bashed.


Agree wholeheartedly