Trelon to TCU


Great Player! wish him well…


Good luck Trelon. Thanks for being a Hog.

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Thanks Trelon for your contribution to our program, wishing you the best ! WPS

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Much respect for Trelon …… hope he does great things for the Frogs.


I wish he’d be wearing a Razorback uniform next year but I’m thankful we had him. I also wish him a world of success and happiness.

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Trelon is an authentic gamer. He will make a difference. TCU just got better!!

All the best Trelon! Much respect for you.

I wish him well, and a player should be where he wants to be. Really happy for him. Nevertheless, although I should feel like that for any player, I am still a tad miffed about our two DB’s who left. UNC basketball last year had the deepest quality set of bigs I have ever seen. They destroyed Duke inside. Twice. Only one is left, and he is a candidate for ACC POY this year. Freshman Day’Ron Sharpe got drafted in the 1st round. Preseason
ACC POY last year Garrison Brooks transferred to Mississippi State after the season. Mystifying. The worst was 5 star Walter Kessler. Hubert Davis said he was the prototypical UNC player. Nevertheless, he transferred to Auburn. No one could figure out why he left. I should be happy for him. But it’s tough. A few days ago I saw he had a video saying how thrilled he was to be at Auburn, and I refused to see it, I might have thrown up. When we play Auburn I will be Jaylin Williams’ biggest fan.

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Seeing that State and Auburn have never been accused of throwing $$$ to players, I’m sure it was the wonderful scenery around Starkville and Auburn AL. :wink:


I’ve been to both Auburn and Starkville. It wasn’t the scenery.


I’ve only been to Starkville…thankfully… :joy:

Happy for Trelon….hope he does well there!

Does anyone know why Trelon left? Playing time?

It seemed pretty clear that Sam and KB wanted bigger backs. Like Johnson and Rocket.

Since you haven’t been to Auburn, I’ll say it isn’t Fayetteville, or North Carolina where I am now, but it’s prettier than Starkville, at least it was before some pretty nice oak trees were poisoned.


I hope Trelon runs for 150 plus against the rest of those Texass teams.

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