Trelon Smith?

Anyone have any idea what is going on with him? Did I miss something on him? He hasn’t practiced in 3 days and hope it isn’t injury related and if so, nothing major. AJ Green as well although he has actually been seen out at practice. Thanks.

Trelon Smith is going to be fine based on what we’ve heard, and AJ Green was back at practice today in a green no-contact jersey.

That is great to hear Scottie - thanks so much for the update! Need all hands on deck this year!

We know what he can do. No sense in getting him too beat up in the pre-season. I’m sure they’ll get him enough contact to have him ready when the season starts for real.

Right. Probably more important to find solid 2 and 3 RBs at this point. Get lots of reps in for the rest of the guys.

Trelon will be alright from what I’m told.

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