Tre Norwood- what a miss

Hopefully Chevin Calloway lives up to his 4 stars but Tre looks like a big whiff from the CBB staff to not offer a kid from Fort Smith that is clearly really good.

DeMara Crockett another one…I’m confident both would have been offered by CMM.

You land Whaley and Hammonds in that class. You also land Hayden Johnson (since we used FB with CBB). You nearly land Kyle Porter also. Hard for me to lose sleep over a player behind each of those guys in my wish list.

Curious if Norwood could play as a true frosh in the SEC with all the big, physical WR. No doubt, he played well for OU.

Revisionist history is always 20-20

If he’s good enough to start for a playoff team that consistently recruits top 10 classes, he’s certainly good enough to play in the SEC.

not sure how you say it was a miss. Curl played and played well. could only take one. If you look back the battle was OU and Arkansas for Curl. Norwood went to the loser of that battle if I remember it correctly. We got Curl and Calloway and they got Norwood. You give us Orlando Brown and 2 other OL from Oklahoma and Bielema is still our coach.

Could shoulda woulda on Porter - not likely to get two of the top 5 backs in Texas. Lucky to get one…take the instate back and turns out he’s better than Porter.

crockett cant stay healthy and seems to have a weed issue that has led to an arrest. Looking at how Bielema recruited and I can see the latter, if they knew about it, keeping him from getting an offer.

I will also say that Norwood and Crockett are an Arkansas coach nightmare. We accused Nutt of taking too many Arkansas kids. If you take the Arkansas kids and they don’t work out well (many complain about Liddell for example) you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I think the tape on Calloway and Curl was better than norwood. You take Whaley over Crockett too.

Both Hatfield and Nutt took lots of Arkansas kids and won with them.

Likewise, Mike Anderson doesn’t shy away from Arkansas kids. He’s also a winner.

Which of the secondary guys they signed would you have thrown back? Curl? Callaway?

Norwood helped OU win games but he played because they had injuries and a hole. He struggled at times, too.

I’m not sure he’s better than the guys Arkansas signed. I think Curl and Callaway are pretty good and would have looked pretty good to you playing for OU.

But, I get it. Everything the previous staff did was awful.

No doubt you take Whaley over Crockett but they tried to sign one more back that year and missedon several - Pennamon and Porter come to mind. They came up one short and could have had Crockett.

I wasn’t trying to take away from Curl or Calloway. Curl did awesome going in for Pully, which I don’t think anyone expected to happen. I just pulled up his recuriting page up to remind myself, and Arkansas didn’t offer him which I find strange.

Not trying to take away from our guys, just observing that he was a baller and didn’t even get an offer from us.

Norwood was also the OU DB that opponents picked on this year. Just like Curl. Radio guy commented on that in first quarter tonight while I was driving to work.

It occurs to me that if the Paperclips got Curl and we got Norwood, they’d probably still have been a playoff team and we’d still have been 4-8.

Nah, BB left the program in better shape than he found it.

My point was (I guess), Hatfield and Nutt grew up here and seemed to realize there is more talent here than recruiting services realize. Same with Anderson who has lived here lots of years.

Norwood was a QB in high school. With more experience, he’ll probably become a great CB. Similarly, Jimmy Beasley was a fine high school QB. Arkansas saw him as defensive player and it worked out.

Arkansas does produce basketball talent, more so than football. That has especially been true in recent years. I want our football coaches offering in-state kids, but if there’s a question about their character or grades, I can see why some might not receive offers. One thing I know: no staff is perfect in recruiting Arkansas and may miss on one or take one that doesn’t work out. I think the previous staff was so concerned about adding depth that they didn’t feel they could take risks on certain players. Right or wrong. But it doesn’t matter now, they’re gone.

Norwood had excellent grades.

I was speaking in general terms, not specifically to Norwood. He’s from the high school I attended, so I’m happy for his success.

Maybe so. I can’t name many they passed on I had a big Issue with. They had a standing rule of not offering an in-state grade or character risk and a lot of people took issue with that.

They railed on the Fayetteville DL not being offered and then Saban offering him.

Of course, when it came down to it the kid didn’t have a committable offer to Bama. That’s why he ended up at Mizzou after signing about 2.5 months after signing day.

I think there’s wisdom in not alienating HS coaches. I remember when the Warren HC and the UA staff seemed to not be on great terms.

That relationship seems to have long since been mended. That’s good since they have the next big superstar.

Can you imagine if that bridge or the Fayetteville HS or PA HIgh School bridges were burned?

That may sound like a stretch but I’ve seen it happen. Happened a few years ago with a big program in Fla and a blue chip factory (can’t remember which).

Of course, Saban can pull offers whenever he wants and he’s untouchable. He did that to the FHS kid. He pulled one from a Bama kid on the eve of NSD for no reason. The kid has been committed for months and ended up at South Alabama.

Can you imagine the impact that had on the kid’s life?

I say all that to say I understood their stance on in-state offers. Many disagreed with it but I thought it was a reasonable, fair approach.