Traylor to interview

For Lamar HC position, according to source.

Good for him. Good luck.

Best of luck to him. I lived in Beaumont for a little over three years. It’s different. Cajun food is pretty good…yep that’s about it.

I did a year and a half in the Toxic Triangle, including a year as a part-time student at Lamar. LU’s campus sits at the north end of a long row of chemical plants, with all the smells you can imagine. They dropped football in 1990 to focus on basketball, but brought it back in 2010.

Maybe all you need to know about Lamar football is the stadium is named for a Beaumont law firm. Seriously.

Loved the Cajun food though. I got addicted to boiled crawfish during my time in Southeast Texas.

Wife was from Beaumont. After a few visits there during holidays, realized Beaumont was one of the last places that I would want to live or visit for so many reasons.