Tray Scott

No way I’d take an unproven dc at this point.

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Recruiting a great DL at GA could be a lot easier than recruiting a great DL at AR. Just saying


Yes - seems Pittman found it easier to recruit OL studs at Jawja as well.

I would hope we could lure in an experienced top flight DC with 2 mil a year. THEN pony up and try and lure Trey here as a position coach. Just curious, did Pittman try and get Trey last year before ending up Deke? It’s not like Trey was an unknown last year when we were looking to upgrade our DL coach.

Not disagreeing with the premise, but why Scott come here in a lateral move (as a position coach)? I don’t see that as a possibility. As a DC, of course he would want that opportunity, but I hope Sam can attract a more experienced DC.

Money. I would love to see us outbid for some of these top flight assistants.

Scott won’t lateral here from Georgia without some sort of title. Maybe hire him and another and pair them as co- coordinators or something like that.

Sometimes high priced hot shot assistants don’t work out so well. We seem to do well with the younger guys from fertile recruiting territories than the high end coaches.

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