Tray Scott

Some reports out there, including this one from KNWA, saying Scott is a leading candidate to replace Odom. Currently D-Line coach at Georgia.

Pretty intriguing. Never been a DC, but holy cow, he’s recruited and coached some of the best defensive lines in college football history. Very possible he makes it 2 years in a row that he’s coached the #1 overall NFL draft pick - Walker last year, Jalen Carter this year.

He’s from Arkansas and played at Tech.


If I had my druthers, Ryan Walters would be my choice but Tray might not be too far behind,

If it is Coach Scott,then I am good with him, the only question I have is; typically the Coordinator also wears the hat of a position coach and seems we would end up with two defensive line coaches. Not that our D-line could not use the emphasis, just noting the dynamics of this potential make-up of the defensive staff.

As Clay noted in another thread, assistants can typically coach multiple position groups during their career. Dowell Loggains had never been a TE coach until he got to Arkansas, for instance. Deke Moore has also been a linebacker coach and a secondary coach during his career.

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Scott has done some outstanding evaluations and recruiting for D-line prospects at Georgia. I guess his play calling might be unknown as a coordinator, but the D line game planning there has been consistently sound. I think they have averaged giving up less than 80 rush yards per game.

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Yeah his ability to recruit great DL outweighs his not being a DC IMO… He has been in the Kirby Smart system long enough to know kind of what’s going on.

I know what kind of talent is in the Metro Atlanta area , there are plenty of big fast DL all over the place,if we can get our hands on a two or three monster DL it’s amazing how you can run pretty much run any kind of defense you want to.You got 4 guys up front who you cannot block then there’s not going to be a whole lot of time for the quarterback to do anything but run for his life. That is what has been missing from this defense for a long long time.

I would be on board with this even though it is a little scary since he’s never been a DC but like I said when you can recruit studs you have a chance to be successful


Hmmmmm……never been a DC but is a stud DL Coach under Kirby. I don’t know the ins and outs on calling plays on D and refer to folks like Youdaman and other past coaches on this board but it would have me scratching my head a little and hoping for the best but just have to trust in Pitt on it. Kind of figured he would be after one of the CO DCs at Georgia since he is a connections type of guy. We just need this figured out sooner rather than later that’s for sure.

Saw in his bio he is a Colorado alum Swine….you think PrimeTime is after him? Paying him won’t be an issues for us that’s for sure.

I thought I saw Prime already has a DC. And he does. Got him from Bama.

Ahhh….very well then…don’t have to contend with that then.

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Oh if we hire Scott it will be a Gamble no two ways about it. You just hope the recruiting he should be able to bring in and the knowledge he would have to have gained in the best defense in the country the last two or three years has to have sunk in and he can hopefully get us to where we can be closer to that than we currently are.

He does not have to coach a position. Many coordinators do not.

Not nearly as informed as a bunch of you guys, but my thoughts are pull the trigger on Scott if he will take the job. Get him out there recruiting and try to calm the natives down and move forward quickly. WPS

Pittman had not been a coordinator or head coach. NO one has experience until they get a chance. I would not have the job I had if someone had not had confidence in me to do it. I am certain he has sat in enough game planning meetings to know what to do. Anyways if he can continue to bring in the same quality of players to Arkansas planning won’t matter nearly as much.

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If it’s coach Scott, I think we would be very happy…

I would bet my bottom dollar he could hire a tremendous staff…. and recruit very well here…

This is key. Kirby is a defensive guy. Must have tremendous learnings from UGA. My fingers are crossed.