Travis Williams contract

The new DC signed a three-year contract that begins at $1.1 million. It increases to $1.25 million by 2025.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, he was making $600K at UCF. Nice raise.

Ultra aggressive defense is what we had at Arkansas in the mid 60’s.

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If he is successful in recruiting & installing an aggressive style defense such that he proves to have better success than Odom, all for paying him accordingly.

Anybody have any idea how this compares to Roberts at Auburn (who some thought was Sam’s first choice while others thought shouldn’t be on the list because of a bad 2022 at Baylor)? Just wondering whether salary really was the difference.

According to USA Today, Roberts was making about $875,000 at Baylor. Haven’t seen any figures on what the Bagmen are paying him. I would have to think that Sam could have gone at least as high as Odom was making if it was getting into a bidding war.

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