Travis Swanson appears headed to the Jets … 86114154=1

That sucks. Almost as bad as going to Cleveland.

Swanson elected to sign with the Jets per the article. His 3 year contract with the Lions was up. Going from Detroit to New York to live is okay, but playing for the Jets is just not much fun. The Jets owner, whoever he is, needs to sell his team to someone who knows how to run a franchise. They have sucked since Joe Willie Namath left town.

It wasn’t like playing for the Lions was that great.

Travis can play center or guard. The Jets have been horrible in the offensive line. I figure he’ll find a home there (and I’m talking about on the field). From what I hear, no one wants to live in New York City. I sure would not. Maybe you live in Jersey if you play for the Jets. I don’t know.

I’ve only been to NYC once and it was enough to know I couldn’t deal with it. Of course, Travis and Emily are in their 20’s so they might like.

The mass of people was too much for me.

Don’t know about living there, but visiting Manhattan is an awesome experience. Loved the times I’ve had a chance to spend a few days there.

I like having my garden and animals so NYC would never be a place I would want to live! Good luck to anyone who likes city life.
The Jets are horrible and not much different than the lions.