Traveling from Santa Barbara to Yosemite tomorrow, how can I get the game?

I’m in a rental car with no XM radio, but we can get something on our iPhones into my fancy Mustang with bluetooth. Looks like the game will be around 10am PST. Any ideas how I can listen to the game?

Ark Gameday app should have the audio of the game. Start will likely be closer to 1:00 CDT.

TuneIn is a free app that can also get the games. Sometimes, the Arkansas Gameday app refuses to connect or just flat doesn’t have a game for unknown reasons.

TuneIn Radio app … but I camped in Yosemite twice in 2015 and don’t remember having cell reception there.

Cellular service may be available in and near Yosemite Village. And you may get a weak signal elsewhere in Yosemite Valley.

But it’s Yosemite!!! I love the hogs but wouldn’t bother listening to the game if I was there

Detour to Hoover. :slight_smile: