Traveler s Field

I have not been to LR for a while and wonder if Traveler’s Field is still there or has it been torn down etc.

Long gone. It’s now a parking lot for UAMS, as is the old Armory past the left field fence.

For a while the scoreboard remained, looming over the parking lot. Is it still there?

Thanks, I loved that field in my youth. Loved all of Fair Park.

Scoreboard was still there in 2019 when we went for the Mizzou game. Not sure about today.

One pretty cool homage to the old ballpark is the layout of the parking. If you look from above, it’s still in the shape of the ballfield. Spaces fan out from first base side to third base side. Probably lost some parking with that design, but nice aesthetic.

Yes. The scoreboard is still there.

Just to be clear, it was Ray Winder Field. I knew Ray Winder. Great man.

We tailgated for years in the Ray Winder Field parking lot. So many great, great memories of those days. Our group comedian Bubba Hargrove always led us in a Hog Call prior to heading to our seats in the SW EZ. When the Alma Mater was sung Bubba always substituted “Bacon of Hope” for “Beacon of Hope”. Soon everyone around us sang “Bacon of Hope”. We parked near the old scoreboard at our last game at WMS and sat near our old seats. My niece and Bubba from that group have gone home. They are missed.

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Clay, the ballpark was renamed for Ray Winder in 1966, I think, when you and I were 12. But it was called Travelers Field for a long time before that and many people remember it that way. I don’t believe anyone is impugning Ray Winder’s character by calling it that. … I hope you’re doing well.

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