Travel Update

A few things

Cole Kelley did not make the trip to Starkville because of illness.

And, it’s highly interesting that the officials at MSU ordered the UA football staff to cover their equipment travel trailer with a black tarp. It’s parked near the UA locker room just beyond the south end zone in Davis Wade Stadium.

The point of the MSU officials is that the big trailer has the Razorback logo and other UA trademarks on it. They said it would be a “bill board” visible to everyone in the stadium and needed to be covered, out of sight from fans in the stands. I’ve never heard of anything like it being done.

Jerry and Stephen Jones just rolled into the press box. I’m guessing that means John Stephen Jones figures into the game plan – perhaps along with Connor Noland.

I think that’s a little childish. I wouldn’t cover it! Provide covered parking or put up with it.

I suppose we’ll reciprocate next year.

That is crazy!

Their trailer wouldn’t be in view at RRS, but at that high school stadium they have you can see it.

I’d make them cover it anyway. But I’m an ornery old dude.

And I’m still waiting to trap Auburn coaches in our elevator.


The trailers in Fayetteville are parked underneath the seats in the south end zone, out of sight of anyone except game personnel.