Travel offensive line squad

Kurt talked about trying to figure out who would fill the final 3 OL spots for the travel squad this year. Obviously you have the starters and they’ll take 3 backups.

He didn’t elaborate on who was in the mix, but my guesses are Jake Raulerson, Zach Rogers and Jalen Merrick. All 3 have some versatility and can play different positions. Paul Ramirez would probably be my next bet, then maybe Dalton Wagner. I don’t know that they want to burn his redshirt, but that’ll be interesting with him and fellow true freshman Shane Clenin working as the 2 backup right tackles. The opener should be a big enough blowout that we’ll know right away what their plan is for them.

That is one garbled video w Kurt…Enos video right next works fine.

There was a camera issue today and I didn’t discover it until after I’d put Kurt’s up, hence why none of the other assistant videos were uploaded.

Can we not play a Freshman a few snaps and not burn his red shirt now?

I believe you have a travel squad of about 70.

There should be about 12 or 13 O-line on the squad. There is often times players will travel, not play and redshirt.

That rule change has been proposed but not approved. Unless you’re gonna suddenly find a season-ending injury around the first of October…