Trap game?


I had more confidence winning at UK and Mizzou than home against UF at BWA. I’m afraid of a trap game. I am hoping they don’t play flat after two big emotional road wins. Especially playing last Saturday then bounce right back and play on Tuesday.

I’m a nervous Nellie! I need to warm up and think positive.


Just go outside, Guy. You will warm up.

I agree…Florida always is a real tough win.

I’m honestly more concerned with the Texas A&M game on Saturday. I always get a strange vibe watching games in Reed Arena.

I don’t know if we win, but this isn’t a trap game. The trap game could be the game Sat against A&M, with LSU and Ala coming up the 24th and 27 th.

I agree. Road game, bad team, easily overlooked after the Kentucky-Misery-Florida stretch.

Agree with the potential for A&M to be a trap game. On the other hand, since this will be the first meeting (and not the 2nd in 2 weeks), I think that favors the better team.

Yes sir!! Hope you are right

So if we beat both FL & aTm does that negate the trap game theory or only if we lose one or both?

I’ve always thought the trap game concept was relevant to fans and talking heads in the media. The approach and conversation inside of locker rooms is often much different.

Either way, a game designated as a “trap game” would be such regardless of the outcome, rhetorically speaking of course.

Well, if we were to struggle at A&M but still win, that would still support the trap game theory. For example, Sagarin’s numbers have us favored by 9 at TAM and BPI has us as 9.6 point favorites. If we win by 2 or 3, that would be a trap game that we narrowly avoided.

We’ve already played our trap game and we won it. That was over Ole Miss and their trapping 1-3-1 zone. Good job of staying off the sidelines. It also helped that the rebelious ones couldn’t throw a beach ball into the gulf of mexico that night.

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Ole Miss sure can throw the ball into the hoop right now. The hogs caught them before they got hot!
As for playing A&M I never like playing them! That place is just hard to win in.
Maybe you can call the A&M game a trap game but the Florida game. Florida can beat any team in the country when they play well.

Does anyone on this board know what a trap game is?? Every game seems to be a trap game to at least one poster on here, but the reasoning doesn’t ever add up to a trap game. Take this one as an example, the OP states he’s worried about this being a trap game AFTER two big roads wins.

This is most certainly not a trap game unless you think Mizzou and the next game against TAM are season defining. But I don’t think you do. And, I understand your concern, i.e. is tonight’s game the game when the win streak finally comes to an end? Possibly. Florida is well rested. Is that good? Bad? Are we coming into our stride or is the stride coming to an end? Nervous? Why? It won’t make or break our season. It’s not football. But, we do have an opportunity to make a statement, and I think our players will embrace that. So, no, I don’t think we come out flat. I think we come out rocking. Maybe that’s the positivity you need.

Well it should be a game where you overlook your opponent or one where your head is swollen from getting ranked and your so high on yourself up in the clouds you forget how you got to where your at!

ha well it’s not. That’s just a bad game. Now if you overlook the opponent because you just won a big game and are already looking to the next big game, then you have a winner, i.e. trap game.

This is not a trap game in way, form or fashion. But it is a game that has some obstacles that are problems if they have just been lucky to this point. But, if they are legit, they will overcome those obstacles and win tonight’s game. None are easy, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a home game, crazy conditions, FL hasn’t played in a while, we are in rhythm. We just have to go take care of business.

It’s hard to play 2 emotional games in a row on the road, and when you win 'em both it’s just a natural thing to let down when you come to your home court for the next game. The great teams overcome let down situations and being it is Florida coming in helps. We’ll see what happens. :sunglasses:

If the game stays as is now. No trap game after halftime so far.
If we have total chaos and collapse and lose or win by 1-5 points, trap game it is.

Hope I didn’t jinx or trap us here.

You didn’t. I hope the trap game at Texas A&M is taken serious by our hogs.

Whew, had me nervous for minute.