Transitioning to another sport

I don’t know about any of you, but I always have a hard time making the transition at the end of one sport’s season to the next. Right now I’m still into my baseball mode. (The great season followed by the painful ending probably explains why it’s taking longer than usual to put it behind me.) Normally by mid-July my mind is into football. Before I became such a rabid Omahog fan, I starting thinking football by May.

Regardless, I’ll still be thinking football in early December with only half-hearted interest in basketball until Christmas. Probably not fully back into baseball until March.

However, I think it’s much easier to “get into” and harder to “get out of” a sport when it’s good. I’m not terribly optimistic about football, but baseball is still on my mind.

Anyone else have this same psychological wall? On an emotional level, is it hard to cross from one sport to the other right away?

With a couple exceptions, since HDN left and MA arrived, I’ve been ready for basketball by the first of October. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It all seems to depend on the success of the season. Sometimes it’s very easy for me to move on to the next one. Other times, you savor the success and the promise of the future and it lingers.

Right now, for me, it just feels like that foul ball is still up in the air, like the season is just frozen at that point. I’m having a hard time moving on, but hopefully next week’s SEC Kickoff for football will direct me toward the fall.

im still high from the baseball season. one fly catch from a national championship. i am so proud of our team, both players and coaches. awesome year, best I’ve experienced as a hog baseball fan. not too pumped for football right now. so so year ahead, its going to take morris a while. i really have no clue as to what to expect in football, will be interesting.

Basketball, love basketball but we are going to have some growing pains this year, hope we make it to ncaa tourney, a must in my opinion only.

im really looking forward to baseball next year. lots of new faces. i agree with this post, it is hard transitioning to another sport. especially when there is little to no news other than spot recruiting news. dead period i call it.

Perfect saying. Not sure if that’s your saying or who’s BUT

Right now, for me it just feels like the foul ball is still up in the air, like the season is just frozen at that point. I’m have a hard time moving on. Next weeks SEC kickoff for football will get me moving to fall and a new coach and fall.

Well said. Sorry to use your thoughts but I’m like you stuck running around to find that darn that fly ball and a NC.

Well said. It sure seems to sum it up for me. When I get a mental picture of that scene, it’s always with the 3 fielders converging. It’s never the ball hitting the ground. Oh the agony.