Transition sucks

Especially when the predecessor was loved. And the kids loved Bret. Morris will get his kids and this “divided” stuff will go away.

I lived through it. I know others in my profession that have too. You just recruit your way out, and go with less talented kids a chance until you do.

Meanwhile I NEVER for one second thought we would get KB. The notion that he would come to a schoolthat had gone 2-10 is just nuts. and he didn’t.

Personally, I think Conor will be the QB next year. And a good one.

Amen. I’m a medium size business owner and have purchased a couple companies where I absorbed their operations and let me tell you that both of those transitions were horrible. I had to let half of the staff’s go because they wanted to keep everything the same as before and I wasn’t having it. It’s really bad PR to run the bad apples out from the get go, but it would shorten the transition. And I do expect there to be a lot more kids transition out that either aren’t buying in or don’t fit the system. I won’t judge either side in it. Good people dealing with good kids, but they are still kids. I deal with adults and they don’t know how to deal with the changes we put in place, so kids will be a little more lost I would think.

I won’t judge the coaching this year due to the lack of buy in from the players and understanding how schemes can go to trash if there isn’t total commitment by all. But I will judge them on how they handled this transition and my guess is that if they could go back they would have handled differently. You could have had the same record with a lot more kids getting experience and ready for next year.

I will say I was looking for the “give up” mentality from players and didn’t see it until after the Vanderbilt game.

I thought I saw it the first time in the MSU game. I didn’t think they gave up in the LSU game, I thought they were just out-manned. Their comeback was against an LSU team that grew very conservative, but still it was a comeback that made it close.