How many and who transfers out of the program. Thoights


My guesses

Blake Johnson
Micah Smith
Jordan Curtis
Jack Lindsey to a Gulf South schoool

Add David Porter and Coutre Alexander. Jack Lindsey isn’t on scholly.

Storey will either come back or give up football. He has already graduated.

Interesting Re: Alexander … what makes you think that? Porter would not surprise me.

I think Hayden comes back but wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t.

Storey could do the grad transfer thing. Not sure who would take him though.

I’d be surprised if Storey leaves before Spring practice and only if KB comes.

He’ll leave even if KB doesn’t come. That’s because there will be a grad transfer or JUCO QB. That is a JacksonReid 100% guarantee! :slight_smile:

Considering who his dad and grandfather are and he has a role as the holder, I doubt Jack Lindsey will leave.

I’ve thought Cole Kelly would probably transfer and Clay’s note that Morris moved him to TE this week in practice probably seals that deal

Cole Kelly should stay as TE he could be a very strong weapon at that position. Watched him 3 years here in Louisiana and had a bad feeling about him being a QB in the SEC, but TE seems a better fit considering his height.

While his body screams TE, I bet his heart and head don’t.

Neither does his 40 time in the scheme Morris is trying to implement


He’ll leave even if KB doesn’t come. That’s because there will be a grad transfer or JUCO QB. That is a JacksonReid 100% guarantee! :slight_smile:

[/quote]I would not rule that out. Fine is a real possibility. In that case, I could see him leave, but again I’d expect him to go through Spring drills since he’s always dreamed to be the Hogs’ QB.


To clarify the guarantee is re: a grad or juco QB. Will TS leave when that get one? I think so, but you may be right about him staying in that situation.

Shane Buechele could be a name to remember!

If Hyatt, Storey, and Kelley leave…and Noland plays baseball, we’re gonna need a couple of walk-on QB’s to be able to hold practices in the Spring… we’ll only have JSJ and Lindsey…they can’t throw every pass in drills and scrimmages, can they?

30lbs and he’s a OL. Pretty mobile one.

…but i’m worried that DW or Chase might transfer…their disappointing years were a direct result of our inability to block anyone and they could be looking at a similar situation next year. Hopefully, neither one does, or we’ll be painfully thin at RB seeing as how we’re only going to take one RB in the upcoming class.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more of our QB’s transferred as well. KB or no KB next year. They can only take so much pounding.

UT id probably getting Eric Gray, so was the word when Lausanne played at CPA last week. That probably takes one transfer slot away from Chase or at least a preferred landing site. Eric Gray is the real deal.