It’s probably been addressed previously, but have we heard anything on who will be transferring or already has? Obviously, we’ve had a couple quit football entirely. Thanks!

Kicker Cole Hedlund transferred to North Texas

Center Zach Rogers “retired” to go into law enforcement here in Northwest Arkansas

Some may transfer after the spring, but I believe that is the extent of it so far

What’s the real number on the roster right now.

Has to be under 85.

Can’t have more than that at any time.

Now some may leave after spring

Jake Heinrich is taking a medical hardship.

I knew about the 85 limit.
I heard a rumor we had 6 of those on the roster than are on scholarship now that came to campus as walk on. Is that true?


Do schools publicly release exactly who is on scholarship? I remember at times over the years there was a debate if player X was on scholarship or not. I assume the answer is no, but I don’t know.

Theres at least seven scholarship players on the roster, who were walk-ons at one time. This is counting Randy Ramsey who came back as a walk-on when he return to the team.

Was Gary Cross put on scholarship? Will he be a senior this fall?

Walkons and blushirts can have their scholarships revoked, only initial qualifiers were guaranteed 4 years under the new rule.

Cross was not on scholarship last fall.

I thought I read on another site that towards the end of the season CBB put him on scholarship. I believe he will be a senior this year.

So he will count against the 85 this fall.

But I am not sure if that is accurate.

I am pretty sure Cross came to Arkansas as a “blueshirt” and will go on scholarship this semester.

Blake Mazza transferred to Washington State.

Does this count redshirts? Does the limit also exist during the spring semester?

Hayden Henry, Garg Cross and Ty Clary all were place on scholarship at the beginning of second semester, Jan. 2018.

Here is an Arkansas roster I found searching the web. The author of this article list all returning players with eligibility. The roster may not be accurate. … 31C1ED72EF

Yes and yes. Redshirts count against the 85, and the 85 limit never goes away. The math of college football is insane. Sign 25 a year, redshirt a bunch of them, and yet your number across a five-year cycle has to remain at 85 or below. Theoretically that would mean you have to get rid of 40 of them, although you are not going to redshirt an entire freshman class. But you’ll have some upperclassmen who redshirt because of injury as well. But APR says you can’t run people off en masse. :roll: Crazy.

Coach Morris told me Wednesday that Cross, Clary and Henry were the three blueshirts that had been put on scholarship and would count in the 2018 class.

Not to the public, but they to do so to the NCAA and the SEC

Thank you!