Transfers immediate eligibility

Does it look like that transfers will in fact be eligible immediately? And if so, would we begin playing Vanover for the remainder of the season, or just wait till next year? I’m thinking that if there’s an outside chance of our getting into the dance, we use him.

From the AP story we posted on the front page Wednesday:

A plan to change the waiver process is expected to be presented to the Division I Council in April. If adopted, new criteria would go into effect for the 2020-21 academic year.

With the Big 10 being the conference wanting this first I hope the SEC fails to support it. That’s what the Big 10 did to the 3rd paid assistant in baseball!
I’d like to see them take action to make it to where coaches that cheat like Peral, Wade, Howland and cal aren’t able to coach again. Especially after the second offense! Immediate eligibility for transfers happening before cleaning up the swamp!
The NCAA is a joke! Made up position for bureaucrats to make over 6 digits a year to do nothing! Emittt and his staff are a couple joke!

I’ve never understood the rationale of allowing coaches to leave with no restrictions but if a player wants to transfer, they have to sit out a year and until recently, the school they were leaving could limit where they could transfer. Total hypocrisy!

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… and participants in other sports can transfer without sitting out.

It made no sense to let tennis or track or gymnastics transfer immediately and not football or hoops. Especially since the last two are predominantly African American: “You white kids can transfer no problem but you black kids have to stay put.” Not a good look.

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