Transfers get it done already!

Have you ever thought some of these young men may be asked to leave? This is a business. Sometimes players are encouraged to leave.

I can remember in the past coaches actually calling other schools to help a player find a team who would take him. In those cases it was well known the present school did not want the player to remain on their roster.

Hogmodo, I read your description of how Briles uses a tight end. Isn’t that the way everyone uses them? I don’t know any other way. H-back, receiver, extra blocker, extra offensive lineman describes tight end to me. What is different?

I recall Paul Brown saying that for the NFL Preston Carpenter was the first tight end ever.
Preston was the leading rusher for the Browns his rookie year but moved to end his second year Preston could block, catch the ball etc. and the Browns had just drafted Jim Brown as a RB.

Yeah Dicus was a quarterback at Garland. He did sign a lot of QBs.

The book Meat on the Hoof details what was going on in the 1960s to get people to leave the Texas football program. What was going on at Fayetteville at the same time may not have been as extreme (or maybe it was) but it was similar. They wanted people who probably weren’t going to contribute to leave.

I think the portal makes it easier in that a kid who wants to leave can get his name seen by every school in the country instantly. and they are free to contact him. Before the kid could still leave but he would have to contact schools himself to let them know he was available.

We’re not relevant enough in football to have bad or good press. When we came into the SEC for the first 15 years our fan base knew virtually nothing about Vandy except we couldn’t seem to ever get them scheduled. Losing at a high level pushes you into a state of invisibility… hopefully that will help us rebuild under the radar.

Chad seemed to use his tight ends as big receivers first and blockers second. Our big, blocking tight ends and fullbacks, bailed on him when he brought his new system and I am wondering if Briles using the tight end as interchangeable with an extra tackle or fullback might cause the same thing in reverse. Dudley seemed to say there are other factors causing Grayson’s transfer. So, maybe his leaving is not caused by a concern that his skill set may not work well in Brile’s offense. Now if Henry leaves, that would really prove the point. I am sure Briles can tailor his offense to his best players skills, but using the tight end more for power and less for receiving may be one of the things Sam really liked about Briles’ system.

I said I don’t think Briles is a factor in his decision.

I think if Lunney had stayed, Grayson would have as well.

But now, and I believe he is about to graduate, he wants to explore his options.

Do you think he will follow Lunney or go back to Mississippi?

I will try to catch up with his dad Bubba this weekend and see what I can find out.