Transfers get it done already!

I’m so sick of these transfer portal requests… Please, Leave- Already! Go, goodbye, see ya, get out, and your time is up! We want Hogs, real Razorbacks, not posers! A real Hog would never consider leaving; Hogs give everything, you just give up, give in, and that’s NOT what this state is about or the Razorbacks!

Soooooooo…how do you feel about those who transfer in?

They want to be Hogs! We need those who bleed swine! Yes?

But they gave in and gave out at their previous stop.
I think we as fans need to be VERY careful how we choose to label athletes who transfer from the program. We have no idea of the circumstances or the reasons behind the decision. Just my opinion.

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Didn’t Nutt transfer out of the program?

I’ve nothing against the portal, it’s a good tool for athletes, but I do have an issue with procrastination and the drawn out bad press we are getting from it for over a month or two now. So if you want go, just go get it done already. Your waiting to enter the portal is hurting our University both in the press and with potential new recruits. So, leave or stay but make up your mind already!

What bad press? There isn’t a major college program in this country that doesn’t have players transfer EVERY year. Why would there be bad press simply because a player is transferring from AR? I would think there wouldn’t be any bad press at all since we’ve been historically bad under two straight coaching staffs. The press should be understanding and sympathetic towards the player.

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Opinions are like… And I’ve said mine.

Good for you. You said there was bad press in relation to players transferring.
That’s not an opinion. That would be a fact. I asked for example(s) of bad press.

Exactly - That what the boards are for!

I’ve seen absolutely zero bad publicity for us, now UConn and Stanford have gotten a little due to their large numbers of transfers.

i have a simple answer for the portal mess: Any player is free to leave but cannot have any expenses paid at the new school. End of portal.

UConn has 19 players in the portal

Stanford has 14

If there is bad press about the portal, it is at those schools.

The portal is just a transfer’s tool to get the word out.

In my opinion, if schools make a business decision to fire coaches and thus assistants are not retained, players have every right to make a business decision of their own.


When the SEC agrees to move its prime time games to ABC from CBS for a $300mm increase In its annual rights fee then it is all strictly business and to pretend otherwise is silly. BIG BUSINESS.

Don’t like increased player freedoms? Blame the the bloated athletic department bureaucracies chocked full of six figure salaries and facility arms races funded by the hundreds of millions of dollars generated by the players who get very little of the riches generated by their work product .

Good ole fashioned greed on the part of the NCAA and its member institutions has created a backlash in favor of increased player freedoms and the genie will never be put back in the bottle nor should she be.


Personally, I always enjoyed Barbara Eden out of the genie bottle. But that is just me :slightly_smiling_face:


I know I’m fighting a losing battle, but can y’all at least research what the portal is/does rather than constantly post about it being the reason transfers are happening? The portal doesn’t make it any easier and is not the reason players transfer. It merely serves as a vehicle to inform schools/coaches that a player is considering transferring and is free to be contacted.

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Kendall Briles uses the tight end mostly as an H-back, fullback, extra offensive lineman, and pass receiver. That does not fit Grayson Gunther’s skill set nor Henry’s either. He needs to convince the tight end room that they can be real assets in his offense or there may be more transfers.

I highly doubt that Grayson’s decision was based on the hiring of Briles

I expect there will be players in the portal in every program in the country – forever. I would expect that to continue. I wish some of you would recall some of the olden days when Frank Broyles took 60 and about 20 left during August practices. It was basically a tryout situation. They didn’t call those who left in the night a transfer. It was almost a given that there would be massive attrition.


If I remember correctly frank would sign lots of qbs, because small town football qb was best athlete on team. Then move them around and weed them out. Wasn’t Dicus a qb? Don’t remember. I know when I was in jr high he signed our hs qb.