Transfering tickets for the NLR game Saturday

I missed the deadline to transfer a couple of my tickets for the Bradley game on the Razorback app. Was wondering if I couldn’t just text a picture of the tickets from my Iphone wallet to my friend. I’ve done this many times for Bud Walton but was not able to do so for the NCAA tournament tickets last year. Had to go thru the Ticketmaster app for those.

Shows what I know. I didn’t know there was a deadline. I transferred some tickets for the Ole Miss football game probably 6 hours or so before the game.

I don’t think there normally is a deadline. I just got an email awhile back saying that these tickets had to be transferred by a certain date. Don’t ever remember being told that before hence the query.

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I have transferred tickets before with just an image of the QR code

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To a game in NLR?

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