Transfer question

I assume Woods and other transfers (basketball & football) are not allowed to work out in our facilities (or incoming transfers) working out in the school they are transferring from facilities. I guess they have to find training on their own as they finish the semester?

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The semester is basically over. They taking finals beginning next week. But I’d be stunned if Woods has any. He’s a graduate. I bet he’s done.

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Back to the original question: If a player announces he is entering the portal or commits to another school while attending Arkansas, does he or she still have access to UofA training facilities? Is this handled on a case by case basis? I would assume he or she no longer attends team meetings or team practices pending decision to stay or leave while in the portal.

Since entering the portal does not necessarily mean leaving for or commiting to another school, I could see this as being a gray area.

Woods tweeted this morning he has one assignment to go before being a grad.

I’m not certain how transferring players using facilities is handled, but I did see Stanley Umude was in a South Dakota facility working out recently. I’d think it’s kind of case by case as you said.

I don’t think it does any good to slam the door and throw away the key unless the person transferring is a bad attitude cancer in the locker room kind of person. It could negatively impact recruiting in the present as well as longer term. I would think the coaches get this and I don’t think they wring their hands over transfers as much as fans. Both CEM and CSP seem to be navigating the transfer portal pretty good.

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Ben Hicks told me he was not allowed to work out or train at SMU after announcing his decision to leave. He got a trainer and a spot at a local gym in the Dallas area.

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