Transfer Portal Wishlist

Obviously this is just a wishlist, but always fun to speculate. My wants below, add your names:

Jaedon Haslewood- WR Oklahoma

Tarique Milton- WR Iowa State

Terrence Lewis- LB Maryland

Jake Bobo- WR Duke

Theo Wease- WR Oklahoma

Kane Patterson- LB Clemson

Pierce Quick- OL Alabama

Daniel Parker- TE Mizzou

James Gordon IV- LB Minnesota

Elias Ricks- DB LSU

Jared Casey- LB Kentucky

Bradley Jennings- LB Maryland

Ayodele Adoeye- LB Texas

I think that is a good start. I don’t know the grades for the talent on our team. It sure seems we need some DBs and DL. Assuming Burks is gone, along with the other seniors, a game changing experienced WR would be a help. TE room needs some experience too. I don’t think Henry is going to stay healthy enough to be a game changer. So my guess is we need one each: WR, TE, CB, DB, DL, DE, with one left over for BAP. Of course, 7 players have to leave to make room. So who leaves?

Rumblings about Jadon Haselwood to us due to his connections to staff.

Andrew Rahm, OU, OT. Visited UA under Morris, and UGA when Sam was there. So, Pittman/UGA and UA in the final five, or so. Elite player. Not sure if he is formally in the portal, but rumor here when the Riley news broke was that he would leave as a result.

LB’s with experience!!!

One thing I don’t see on that list is DL. Since we’re losing Ridgeway, Tre Williams, and Utsey, I think it’s a must that we get help to fill those spots.

Definitely would add DL to that wishlist as they come up. I haven’t seen a ton of DE/DL out there on the portal thus far that I’d consider an upgrade to the naked eye.

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