Transfer portal win-win for both givers and takers

We got Tramon Mark from Houston and are celebrating.

Houston gets LJ Cryer (RazorAg was spot on) and Battle’s teammate Damian Dunn and think they upgraded and are celebrating. Dunn was second leading scorer to Battle and had almost identical stats as Battle.

BTW, Justice Hill goes to Loyola Marymount and Camren Hunter from UCA to Butler.

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I think we will be more than happy at who we bring in when it’s over…Battle and a good chance of Watkins as well could come on board tomorrow…

We have to keep remembering we have an absolute freak athlete in Brazile coming back and when you come by and his athleticism with some of the guys that are coming in it’s going to be off the charts hard to stay up with us

Are we assuming that Battle is higher on the board than the Taylor kid from Butler? (And it’s either one or the other?)

Battle is an absolute freak 35% from the 3 and 89% from the line.18 ppg.

He will be the top stud we are bringing in… just look at his videos.
So incredibly quick but 30 ft range on his jumpers… Big Time player! I just hope he comes as he is expected to.


I’ll be happy if we end up with this kid on our team, but “keeping it real”, 35% from 3 is not “special”. It’s good, but nothing more. 89% on FT is special.

Now, for ARKANSAS in recent seasons, 35% from deep would be considered elite…but that’s because we’ve been so challenged in that area.

In reality, I believe 32-33% is the average across ALL college basketball players. 35-36% if “OK…kinda good”. 37-39% is “legit good”, and 40% and above is “very good/elite”.

That’s my own scale, but I believe it’s pretty solid.

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I don’t think I said anything about him being special from the three .
I just said he’s an absolute freak athlete who has incredible range if you look at this videos. Anybody that can shoot 89% from the free throw line has a beautiful stroke.35% from the three is pretty good though and he strikes me as a type of guy if he gets hot to knock down 4-5 in a game but he is so incredibly quick if you step out their on him he will be by you before you know it.


Sure. I was just pointing out how you can lose someone very good to portal and make it up or do even better.

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Yeah that’s definitely the key to the transfer portal make your additions be better than your subtractions and we’re going to be adding some very good players I believe

Shot selection could bring that percentage up. No everybody is open at the Hog Snout :pig2:

He literally got fouled on every shot in this video! If we get him tomorrow it is going to be on!

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You omitted the word “athlete” - which would have changed the nature of your claim - and did include the 35% from three as part of your description of him as a “freak”…as I quoted.

Ergo, my response.

Doesn’t really matter because I never ever mentioned the word special and three-point shooter. So there should have never been a response acting like I did mention it!! Everybody but “you” knew what I was saying when I was said he was an absolute freak (he’s an athlete so that’s just understood) and a big time player just like I mentioned.
You just went off on your little tangent trying to let everybody know your little system for ranking what is special ,good ,and so forth,like you normally do, for whatever reasons, nobody knows but you.

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We still need an “elite” shooter that can play some D.


PJ, do you like Mark’s game for us?

I’m beginning to think it’s really hard to find those elite type of guys who are just pure 3-point shooters… That’s why I think he’s trying to get more elite combo guards who can fly right by you at the blink of an eye and then still have capabilities of knocking down the three at a pretty good rate
They may not be elite shooters but certainly good enough to where you’re going to have to come out to guard them and that when happens these guys he’s talking about bringing in will blow right by you. I think he I think he has seen how much trouble we had stopping those type of players…

I have noticed that all these guys he’s talking about bringing in shoot free throws very well in case they do get fouled on the drive


Not PJ, but hell yeah!


I echo Jeremy.


It seems like we have a hard time finding them for sure. But, for some reason, we seem to play teams all year long that get these kinds of players.

Yep I totally understand that.

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I was referring to shooters. Our opposition seems to be able to find them. Or our 3 pt defense has just been bad enough for the opposition to light us up.