Transfer Portal impact on football should be even greater than basketball

…when you compare the number of players and the intense competition involved. We hear rumors that Mike Woods may transfer. When you consider that he followed the Allen HS Head Coach to Arkansas and everyone that recruited him is gone, that is not surprising. There must be dozens of wideouts at mid or low majors who might like to improve their draft stock in the SEC that could replace him. There must be a huge “reaching out through intermediares” going on from players to coaching staffs and from coaches to players “family”. I am not worried in the least that we cannot replace Woods with an equivalent talent. All the Arkansas staff has to do is go down the street to the basketball staff and inquire on the best way to handle the transfer portal potential.

The portal can be a good tool. But the youngsters might be more talented than portal options and got a tutorial of the offense this spring.

I expect that Woods will go to where there is an offense that he is familiar with, maybe with Stepp in South Carolina. I wonder if Briles has a wideout at Florida State or Houston that might want to do the same? Maybe Woods’ replacement is already in town and that might have encouraged him to move on?[]

Difference between basketball and football is that Muss could take as many players as he needs. Sam can’t. Transfers have to fit into our 25 “initial counters” each year. There are going to be a lot of schools who already have their 25 and can’t take any more,

So if you have a player transfer out, you cannot replace him UNLESS you reduce your 25 scholarships for the upcoming recruiting class? Why can’t you let player transfer in as long as your 85 total is not exceeded? Sounds to me like no player is going to announce he is transferring out unless he has already determined where he is going, that they want him for sure, and that they have a spot open for him. Guarantees tampering happens apparently.

The PTB have decided that you can only add 25 new players per year, whether they’re high school, juco or transfers. This presumably is to prevent Bama and Ohio State from signing 35 or so to keep them from someone else. If you’re going to be active in the transfer market, you have to not sign some people in December and February to make room. Could they change the rules? Sure. Will they? Doubtful. This is going to hurt some athletes who enter the portal and find they have no place to go. Also possible in hoops but less likely.

It’s the same deal now. When Ole Miss lost scholarships due to probation, it took them a few years to get back to 85 after the probation ended. No matter why you’re shorthanded, you can only replenish 25 at a time. You can shift some signees to earlier or later classes but that comes out of the 25 for those classes.

I think that’s actually an antitampering factor. No point in tampering with a player if you don’t have room to take him. Muss could theoretically tamper because he can create room by encouraging, say, Desi to leave (not saying he did, just as an example). Sam can’t do that if he signed 25 in December.

I can remember when in fact some powerhouse teams signed kids they knew would not be starter, but might be a starter for an opponent and to prevent this, they oversigned. I can remember when rosters were like 150 total, but it was one platoon ball.

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