Transfer portal fears

Does anyone else on here fear that we could possibly lose one or more of our talented freshmen to another team through the transfer portal?

Yes I do, I actually expect it

A lot may depend on who is hired.

Just like we’ll pick up a few good ones from the portal, it’s the new free agency of college football.

First I believe it will depend on who we hire as HC and if certain players feel they will fit his philosophy.
Secondly, for some players it might depend on how patient they are willing to be during the rebuild versus possibly going to a more successful program where they know they can contribute.

Go Hogs!

I’ll be shocked if we don’t lose several


Transfers are part of the process. Especially with the shape this program is in. Last Night I seen one of our young players (WR) go directly to Orgeron after the game talking to him on the field like they were old friends. May not mean much, I hope.

Saw it and thought the same thing. I know Burks was recruited by LSU.

Definitely saw that and I’m very concerned that Burks had to easily see himself running those routes LSU runs and making big plays. Time will tell but he’s the one guy that we actually we cannot afford to lose and if we do we are even in more trouble than we are now.

They will have to sit a year.

Some people will transfer out. Some people will transfer in. It remains to be seen if the net change is more talent or less talent. The same would have been true before the transfer portal came into existence, by the way. I agree that the first recruiting the new coach does may be to try to talk people like Burks and Jefferson into staying.