Transfer Portal Data: Division I Student-Athlete Transfer Trends

Very interesting. They can only confirm that ~50% in the portal found a new school AND financial aid. And 43% may have lost out entirely.

Sometimes the grass isn’t greener.

It’s hard for people of all ages to be honest about their self worth. Throw in youth and even more so.


The percentage of walkons in the portal is significant. I don’t see your numbers as problematic. Just sayin.

Only if you don’t care about the 8,157 scholarship athletes who didn’t find a spot anywhere or the 2,257 who transferred without getting a scholie on the other end. That’s 10,414 people who transferred themselves out of a scholarship.

Some of those athletes may have transferred to an NAIA school, which would not take them out of the NCAA portal, but they also didn’t transfer into a full scholarship (which the NAIA does not have).

But how many of them didn’t have their scholarship renewed at the school they were leaving?

Life lessons for young people and some older ones. Decisions have consequences. Personal responsibility comes into play as well. It’s not that someone doesn’t care. There are many reasons for entering the portal.

Yup, there are. Playing time is probably the most common, but far from the only one.

You wonder these days if the main reason isn’t people getting in the kid’s ear (family, handlers, etc.) and telling them they aren’t getting enough love at School A, even if they’re starting.

That’s what I was wondering. Maybe scholarship not renewed or bad blood with coaches or players to where it was worth the risk to move on or something else personal. However, I’m sure some of them did let their pride get in the way of a sound decision.

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