Transfer Portal Champions

Listened to a podcast yesterday featuring Barton Simmons from 24/7 Sports and it had a segment re: the transfer portal and the discussion focused on the transfer portal and the overall health of programs. He suggested that teams with more portal activity - players both leaving and coming in - tend to be less “healthy” than programs with little movement. He provided several examples and the programs with the most activity do appear to be struggling with Penn St. being a notable outlier.

One guess on which program has the most activity since the 2018 season?

Arkansas with 23 players total had more roster turnover due to the portal than anybody else per Simmons.

Again, this just highlights what a horrible roster top to bottom that Morris inherited and the extreme measure he’s having to take to try and flip the thing. I do applaud him for being very aggressive in trying to flip the roster as fast as he possibly can.

Or is it possible Morris can only coach one type of game. The guy at Houston a few years ago was unbeatable until the defensive coaches figured out how to stop his offense. I I will reserve judgement…

It will be interesting to see - the roster he largely inherited ( Allen was far better than Ty or Cole) went 1-7 in the SEC the year before and almost lost to a bad Sunbelt team so they weren’t constructed to do to play smash mouth very well either.

The problem I have w this statement is that 50% + of College Football runs this offense or very similar. Even the NFL runs some RPO now.