Transfer guard Camren Hunter to take OV

We haven’t offered yet right?

Good question. I can’t imagine that we have

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Whether or not they’ve mentioned an offer, he’s wanted.

I may have it wrong but I’m pretty sure Camren said Muss offered him already.

I think what gives most pause us that Camren played at UCA. Some would think how good he is if he played at a smaller college? After observing how Muss has handled the portal, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he thinks Camren can produce for the team, that’s good enough for me.

Nowell played at UALR. Sometimes bad teams happen to great players.

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Scottie Pippen played 4 years at UCA.

It happens sometimes, elite talent that gets overlooked during the recruiting process. Or, elite talent that develops in the course of playing at the next level, even if a small school.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, Jalen Tate and Stanley Umude played at smaller schools and stepped in quite nicely at UA.

FWIW, being reported Camren would visit Arkansas today. Not true.

True, but Jalen Tate started at Illinois before moving down to a Mid-major, then back up.

Think you may be confusing him with someone else.

:blush: Yes, thanks. It was “Jaylon” Tate that played at Illinois. I was going by what my wife’s Uncle, who is a huge Illinois fan and High School basketball ref in Illinois, said to me once… he thought it was the same guy so I went with it.

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