"Transfer from St. Mary's"

I may be crazy, but I could have sworn that our 1st 3 opponents each had a player, that the announcers said “transferred from St. Mary’s”.

Is it possible that Tx, IU and UC Davis all had transfers from the same school? did some school named st mary’s disband their bball program?

Maybe I dreamed it, and I’m sure some of you bball junkies know this stuff, thx in advance for any clarification.


Clearly UC-Davis did, Stephan Gonzales. Nice, but not great. Unfortunately, UC Davis is one of the worst teams in California.

Indiana’s Evan Fitzner was a graduate transfer from St. Mary’s. I do not see where any Texas players transferred in from there.

Texas has a player named Elijah Mitrou-Long, who transferred from Mount St. Mary’s.