Train wreck

Feel like I’m watching the season derail in front of my eyes.

Hope they get it together at the half.

Giving up 47 is nuts. Where is the defense???

Just listen to most of the posters on this board. They will make you feel better. What you’re seeing is an aberration. It’ll all be just fine.

Easy bro…there is still a half to be played.

Got a BS Technical and 2 cheap ones sent him to the bench. Dusty just got facialized on the curl screen repeatedly though. Put in that airdrio and Moses and manny front line and we have enough guards to tell dusty to play d or sit down. We will be alright. Just got jobbed by the refs there for a while. Mike could have stopped the bleeding a little sooner with a legit technical instead of lame bench warming. But we will get back to full strength in the second half. Also mizzou is terrible. Losing to them would be disaster. But it is no time to panic at half time vs the worst team in conference. I’m ready for the Daryl, Jaylon, Manny, Airdrio, Moses defense rally.

No, you are right. There is another half to be played. I am more generally referring to the poor quality of basketball we see during many stretches. This team has bad defensive problems, and I think it will cost them making the NCAA tournament.

Everything MIzzo throws up goes down. Off balance, closely guarded…everything.
Surely that will cool off.


It might cost them in the ncaa tournament. But sec teams are another story. Mizzou is going to break just like most of the sec conpetition. Mizzou least of all has the talent to put two 47 point halfs together.

Its all on CMA; seen enough; he is a very average to poor coach.
He doesn’t know what to tell our team during a timeout, and they don’t know what to do!
We will NEVER win an SEC title with him, much less anything greater. I like him and respect him but he isn’t the answer for Razorback BB!

The Mike Anderson apologists are fairly prominent around here. Nothing against Mike personally, but I agree with you. His system, and the players he recruits just do not cut it. The junior college guys have botched it the last few minutes with bad turnovers. Just not a very good team. And certainly not tournament worthy. Let’s see if Jeff Long has the gumption to do something about it. Not sure that he does.

No excuse for this. No words, just no words to describe what an epic fail this was.

There that was the second half you were talking about. Now that stinks too many one on one mistakes period
Can you spell NIT

More than a train wreck… no NCAA for us. Pitiful…

Mike probably gets two more years based on recruiting alone. But there is no doubt this loss costs us a lot. I know some guys will come on now saying we will still make tournament, but losing to Mizzou and Miss State are bad losses.