Tragic mistake

Millie about to get us trained. She loves our woods. I have an electric fence but have not turned it on in 6 years. May have to see if it’s still working.

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Glad to see you mention Dr. Knowles on here, Clay. I had him for class while obtaining my BSCE degree. Surveying with him reinforced my degree decision…very impactful and enjoyable. Sorry to hear about his health.

When you see him again tell him he is remembered fondly by a student from the 80’s. I am sure he would not remember me, but I do remember him.

David is a giant of a man in many areas.

Sad to hear about the AQ closing. On the other hand, I’m surprised it’s still open! Haven’t been back there since I graduated in ‘63. A bunch of us usually headed up there on weekends for a meal. Still the best fried chicken I ever ate. I remember the food being served on cafeteria trays with paper mats. No dishes unless you had sides. And yeast rolls (with honey) to die for.

I still remember those, they were WONDERFUL!

Those are still available at Harp’s stores.

My wife told me not to bring them home any more. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can buy the 6 pack and keep them in your truck. They make a great snack! lol

Just six?


But would they replace the Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Creme Pies?

Nope. When I head to Colorado, one of daughters always puts one whole box of oatmeal creme pies in my truck. Somewhere in the middle of Kansas there is a need for them. And they won’t make it to mountain time. All gone way before Limon.


I try to limit my consumption. I have one after breakfast as my dessert so that I have something to go with the last of my coffee.

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@Baumbastic_Hawg @ClayHenry My kinda people. Everybody knows the medicinal qualities of oatmeal.

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