Tragic mistake

I love fried chicken. And it really does not matter who makes it.

But I made a tragic mistake yesterday. I made one last trip to AQ in Springdale. They are closing soon.

I took my mentor, Dr. David Knowles. We have gone there 15-20 times for grand 2 hour lunches. We swap fly tying/fishing stories and flies. We catch up and we just enjoy each other.

David has cancer and just finished a serious bout with covid. He is 87. He is the inventor of several flies I tie. He is retired engineering prof at UA. I love David.

Anyway, it is a sad situation at AQ. The crowd is truly overwhelming for what is a skeleton staff that is trying to ride out the final days. They are working double shifts and can’t hardly function. It was tough to watch. We waited an hour which was almost too much for both of us, but especially for David.

Food was ok. But it’s not what it once was at AQ. I’m sure there are shortages in kitchen.

Staff is probably quitting more each day. Why do you ride it out? I might not.

The people eating there were all in their 70s and above, unless someone needed a driver.

I advise to skip the torture of going back that one last time. Just remember it for what it used to be.


My fried chicken can be from any of these places:

KFC (except Northwest Arkansas)
King’s River Store

I do not like tenders. So I don’t eat at Zaxby’s or chicken tender joints. Give it to me on the bone.

I go back and forth between all dark or mixed. I definitely like thighs and wings.


I’m with you on this. I like the running gear as my dad calls it. Better flavor to me. Our small grocery store next to the office does fried chicken and it’s as good as anywhere else, except Popeyes IMO…bc Popeyes sides are the best along with their biscuits.

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I love me some Zaxby’s… I like the seasoned fries there just as much as I do the chicken tenders… I’m more of a grilled chicken eater than I am a fried chicken eater but I do know I’m in the minority in that realm.

Clay, thank you. My wife and I went there recently for the same reason, but the line was so long we decided to forego the wait and ate elsewhere. Now, I’m glad you wrote that we made the correct decision.

I had this same experience at AQ, but it was 10 years ago… I think they’ve been riding out those days for a decade…

Clay, I noticed you didn’t mention Monte Ne Chicken. What do you think about them?

Only had it once. I am told it must have been a bad day. We lived in Rogers for 10 years. Opinions differed. Folks who have been there of late have good reviews. But we probably won’t go back. I know you deserve a second chance. It just was not for me. I’ll skip the details.

Don’t forget Martha Harp fried chicken at the Harps stores.

Ken, is that you?


I had fond memories of very occasionally (I come from a very humble financial upbringing, so it was maybe Mother’s Day or her birthday or such) having a Sunday lunch at the AQ and what a wonderful treat that it was. Moved away many years ago, but on a return visit maybe 8-10 years ago I took the wife there for what I thought would be a wonderful dinner. Either my memory is bad (guilty!) or the fried chicken has had a dramatic change for the worse.

You need to try fried chicken for Sunday lunch at Shangri La resort on Lake Ouachita. You can finish your lunch with a piece of my favorite place for coconut cream pie. Delicious :grinning::grinning::grin::grin:


Oh man, I love the seasoned fries.

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Gus fried chicken on Front st in Memphis haven’t had it in years

There’s a Gus in the Rivermarket. I think we’ve eaten there twice bit that was awhile back. It was ok.

I had thought about going to AQ. I doubt that it could live up to my memories, so I will pass.

I did try it once after I moved to Fayetteville, but it wasn’t as good as I remembered from years ago.

Gus is a little different. Got some heat to it. I do like it. I would like to try some hot chicken in Nashville, too.

Ms. Hattie’s I believe. We ate there and I got the hottest. Good.

I was going to bring it up also. All over the state those wings at harps are something else

I stop in for Harps chicken in Mtn Home.

New Popeyes in Harrison is on my route to Fayetteville. Line has been too long but that will fade.