Tragedy for LSU Family

How horrible. Prayers for her husband, family and friends. Hug your loved ones a lot. You never know when it’s your last chance.

I watched Coach O talking about it. Looks like the OC is still going to coach. Not sure how he can do it. JMO

This crash was not too far from my house - have flown out of this airport a bunch of times and don’t like the takeoff/departure route. Very sad - I believe their young son was also on board

Praying for Coach ensminger family, no way to prepare for that kind of news and be able to have your mind totally on the game. just absolutely heartbreaking… will definitely be praying for them such a beautiful young lady

:cry: :cry:

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Prayers to the family.

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Just awful

ESPN on air host trivilization is brutal and attacked roundly as should be. I had a coaching friend from Ponchatoula tell me about it when he came over for the game. It came up in the context of drones and pregame coverage and recruiting helicopter arrivals by coaches with problems linked to being showy. Shipped does happen with that stuff and then this and Ensingmer was told by Orgeron before anyone else. Hard on Coach O who is a huge hearted human being among all his bemusing communications.

Quite a read:

Joe Burrow finding out about the tragedy in the interview with Dari Nowkhah was heartbreaking too. I know that as soon as the words were out of his mouth Dari regretted them (and apologized on twitter afterward). Terrible way for Joe to find out about Ms. McCords death.

Just so sad. Prayers for the Ensminger family.

Coach Ensminger is a fine man, met him back in the early 90s when he was at Georgia, always had a great personality and a warm smile for everybody he met.