Tracking the vaccine

This article is from the Washington Post, but since it is a Covid issue, it is provided free. If you scroll down you will find a state selector to look up how much vaccine your state is receiving.

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Great find Marty! Very informative stuff. Interesting to see the how the different states give it.

Looks like in TN I’m in the next to last group. Surprised that being 69 with one complication that I’m not further up the list. But I’ll not complain and will wait my turn. We’re probably early February to get the vaccine. We’re headed out New Year’s day in the RV for Florida and will have no problem social distancing in the RV parks. Thanks Marty.

You can find your place in your state here.


That graph I think needs to be put in perspective. The vaccine supply is not going to be an issue. Also, the number of eligible people who will take it may be as low as 50%. If you really want it you aren’t going to have to wait as long as that might lead you to believe.

If that’s true this pandemic is not going to end any time soon. Herd immunity is going to require 70% immunization rate, at least, and because it appears that the natural immunity from having had the virus only lasts a few months, letting everyone else get sick until we get to that 70% figure is not an option, even a bad one.

I don’t think there’s been any definitive decision made on how long immunity will last on those who got the virus. I do realize there will be tons of factors to consider there, your viral load, natural immunity system, etc. We won’t get 70% of the public to take the vaccine, not this year, anyway.

Awesome … only 268.7 million folks in line ahead of me! :sleeping:

Ha. Same for me. I guess that assumes every kid under 18 gets it. I doubt that will happen though.

Figures I’m finding (in medical literature, not in the media) is that natural immunity lasts 3-9 months. Thus to get there solely through people getting infected would require that 70 percent of people get infected at least every nine months!

However, in the last couple of weeks, Dr. Fauci has suggested that 70 percent isn’t enough to create herd immunity because of the transmissibility of this virus. The exact figure isn’t known yet but is probably in the 75-85 percent range. It’s a matter of math: If each infected person is likely to give the virus to 3 other people, that puts the herd immunity number at roughly 67%. If each infected person is likely to give it to 5 other people, that puts the herd immunity number at about 80%. The latest evidence is that the number is 5 (or higher); it seems that the new variant identified in the UK is considerably more easily transmitted than the “original” virus, and another variant identified in Italy also seems to be more contagious.

However, flu shots don’t create herd immunity, but we don’t have to shut down society every winter for the flu. Ditto the measles, which is probably the most contagious disease we have. Certainly a 50 percent vaccination rate would be much better than the current situation. Get 50 percent vaccinated, continue to wear your mask and wash your hands, and things will improve greatly.

I still don’t think they have a true idea on it, and as to a herd immunity number, we don’t know that either. I suspect Fauci upped his number in order to get more people to get vaccinated, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s changed his mind on some things to better the greater good.

Fauci has not shown himself to be someone to depend on. He has become more a politician than anything else. That makes him as believable as a Hollywood celebrity.

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