Tracking 18-13, RPI 50, NIT

A 21-10 season, couple of SEC Tourney wins and one win in NCAAs is possible, but the current chemistry and lack of defensive identity tracks for 18-13, quick out at SEC dance and a NIT invite. Mike’s 3 shooting guards don’t understand how to feed a post then move or how to drive under control and finish or kick out. Worse, no rotation on defense and an olé wave to the hoop for everyone else’s better guards.
These Hogs have lost their identity and won’t find it by standing around in a half court offense then complaining about foul calls every game. The “Earth, Wind and Fire” combo better start singing or there will be no dancin’ In March.

Dude they were #22 in the nation with a top 15 RPI last week and considered a top 5 seed. Now they are NIT bound after a bad week and a half? LOL. Even after this loss every bracketologist will still have us in the field, we probably drop to like a 10 or 11 seed. Our resume is still impressive with 2 top 15 RPI wins. Not many teams can claim that.

As far as predictions they’ll make the tournament this year and they’ll turn things around like they always do. Last year everybody was jumping off the bandwagon after the Missouri and Vandy losses claiming how bad we were and we would be lucky to get in the NIT, and we made is safely in the tournament. I must admit I thought this team had enough to be a top 5 seed and compete to win the SEC this year, but we just don’t have the depth. I thought CJ Jones and Adrio Bailey would be much better than what they’ve given us. CMA will get their attention and I expect a hungry team to make a statement Saturday against a good Missouri team.

Did you not expect a hungry team to make a statement against LSU? I’m going to remain firmly in the corner of Mike deserves 2-3 more years bc I do believe he is good for this program, and recruiting is good for next couple years. But even last year when we lost those two and I was thinking NIT, we didn’t look this bad(at home no less). We lost more talent than I realized. Moses, Manny, and Dusty just haven’t been replaced.

Are you kiddin me? Last year we were in a much worse situation. We went to Oklahoma State and got an absolute beat down. The game was never close after like the first couple minutes. Then the next week we lost to a Missouri team that was on pace to break a school losing streak record. Then to top off the week we lost at home to a Vanderbilt team that was 11-12 at the time. I was at that game, it was a blowout, we just made the score look better at the end.

This year, our worst loss is to LSU, who has a 55 RPI. We have a top 3 RPI win against Oklahoma on a neutral court and we have a 23 RPI with 13 SOS. We’re in a much better position that last year. And CMA teams always bounce back, and we definitely got the talent to do so.