Track meet replay is on ESPNU now

In case you want to enjoy the double natty again. Until 8 p.m.

I had it set to record, and then I watched the whole wonderful thing.

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Forty-nine nattys.


That is insane (and we had two taken away in the Tyson Gay mess).

Yes, track coaches get three shots a year and everyone else gets one. But that’s still the equivalent of 16 hoops titles or 16 football titles.

Bama claims 18 football championships, but many of those were awarded decades later and some are pretty much one man’s opinion. All of ours were won on the track.

In Bob Holt’s follow-up story today, Lance Harter says Florida and Texass had their best women’s teams ever. And we still won.

It’s getting harder. Many of John’s indoor titles were won with distance runners and jumpers. We didn’t have pole vaulters and throwers and only the occasional sprinter (often a jumper who doubled, like Mike Conley). This time, the men got heptathlon points and shot put points and jump points and sprint points and only had one distance runner who scored.

The women’s meet started in 1984. Only five times in those 40 years has one school won both titles in the same meet. Oregon did it twice, LSU and Arizona State once, and now Arkansas.