Track&Field starts today - Lawson up at 7:20 pm

Olympic Track & Field starts today. Jarrion Lawson will begin Long Jump qualification at 7:20 pm our time. With no sprints to run at this meet, for the very first time in a long time, Lawson should be well rested for the Long Jump. I am eager to see what a well rested Lawson can do.

Dom Scott just ran in the 10000 meter final. She got lapped a couple of times, but that’s understandable; the winner broke a 23-year-old world record by more than 14 seconds in 29:17. Dom ran her personal best to finish 21st in 31:51. Molly Huddle of the US easily set the US record to finish sixth in 30:13. Emily Infeld of the US was 11th in 31:26. Dom beat the third American girl who finished 33rd in 32:39.

The good news is that I won’t have to try watching two things at once when J.L. runs. Dressage will be over by then. :slight_smile:

I did catch the end of the 10K and I saw the winner cross the finish line. Dom was right behind her, but as noted, she had two more laps to go.

Hey, USA won a bronze in Dressage.

Spoiler alert… :shock:

Naw, the Grand Prix Special (where team competition is determined) is not scheduled to be telecast at all. It was very entertaining. Thank goodness for live streaming with my Amazon Fire Stick.

The individual Grand Prix Freestyle will be shown live on Monday.

BTW, Jarrion Lawson is to jump at the end of Group B.

Lawson jumped 7.99 meters in his first attempt, which I think works out to 26-2 1/2. Jeff Henderson from Sylvan Hills went 8.20 m (26-11) in his first jump and leads Group A. Everybody who goes 8.15 m or more automatically makes the final, so Henderson is already in. Lawson had the second best jump so far in Group B to a Chinese jumper who also topped 8.15 m.

Lawson still at 7.99 after round 2. He’s the seventh best jump so far, so unless six people outjump him in round 3, I doubt he takes that last jump. Top 12 (or everyone who goes 8.15 m) make the final. Still just 2 have topped 8.15 after round 2.

Lawson and Henderson are in the final; Jarrion had the 7th best jump, Henderson was #2. The third US jumper couldn’t go past 7.66 m and won’t advance. It took 7.85 m to make the top 12.

Any idea why Henderson didn’t jump for UofA? Late bloomer??? I see he was a very good high school track guy, but went to JC.

Because of ADD, his ACT score was quite low. He was recruited by Arkansas and Florida, but ended up in Hinds JC because of ACT score.

One interesting note. After the Olympics, he is due for a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs as a WR.

Henderson wound up at an NAIA school, Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, because of grades. Stillman has now dropped just about all of its athletic programs. Basketball is all they have left.

I was not able to watch it, but I had seen Dressage competition on NBCSN schedule for live coverage.