Track&Field news -Britton Wilson

Britton has been nominated to the Bowerman watch list. Britton is projected to be #2 American behind world record holder Sydney McLaughlin in 2023. She will get intense competition from her training partner Shamir Little and former world record holder Dalilah Muhammad

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I’m thinking about going over to the indoor meet Friday night. I’m looking forward to seeing this group, Lance’s last indoors. I think Bucknam has assembled a pretty strong indoor team, too, with all of the new throwers.

Sydney McLaughlin… :heart_eyes:

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Great. Love to see a report on the teams

PJ, for you. I had heard about Sydney’s race when she destroyed her own world record, but hadn’t seen it. In case you haven’t seen it, I found a very detailed video leading up to the race, the race, and the post race commentary. This may be the most amazing performance, men or women, that I’ve ever seen.


Thanks. I had seen it live. She is amazing.

In fact world record progression in 400M Hurdles has been simply amazing over the last 3 years. Every major final for US athletes produced a new world record

|52.20| Dalilah Muhammad (USA) July 28, 2019 Des Moines, 2019 US World Champioship Trials
||52.16| Dalilah Muhammad (USA)|October 4, 2019|Doha| 2019 World Championships
|51.90| Sydney McLaughlin (USA)|June 27, 2021|Eugene| US Olympic Trials
|51.46| Sydney McLaughlin (USA)|August 4, 2021|Tokyo| 2021 Olympics
|51.41| Sydney McLaughlin (USA)|June 25, 2022|Eugene[2]| 2022 World Championship Trials
|50.68| Sydney McLaughlin (USA)|July 22, 2022|Eugene| 2022 World Championships